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Target Global Employment Outsourcing services is capable to taking care of a wide variety of staffing, HR and administrative tasks.

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Target’s Global Employment Organization or GEO is the ultimate solution for businesses seeking global business processing outsourcing. We take care inclusively of all HR processes, administration, and staffing as we consider ourselves your trusted global companion in establishing your international routes of success.

At Target, we take it as our responsibility to help you focus your business potential on core processes. Our team is an expert in local and international labor laws and has exquisite expertise in finding the finest global talents to fit in your organization. Efficiency and momentum are our principles to offer you world-class services.

Target Global Employment Organization profoundly evolves in Egypt, and we are also entrenched in Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates. But we are inclusive in many worldwide positions with our partners all over the globe to serve you wherever you are.

  • Full Compliance with local laws, including labor law and code of conduct
  • Taxes administration
  • Medical & Social Insurance
  • Payroll procedures
  • Employment contracts suited to local laws
  • Employee benefits system
  • Recruitment and employee management
  • Work permits, visas, and official documents issuance for expatriates

Our Global Employment tasks include:

Helping you comply with local laws (labor law, rules, and regulations.)

Handling tax administration and

Filling the payrollrequirements in Egypt.

Creating employ mentcontracts that follow the local laws.

Coming up with employee benefits.

Employee hiring and management.

Processing the work permit and visa-related requests for each foreign employee (if applicable.)

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