Psychometric Testing

What are Psychometric Tests?

Psychometric Tests offer objective data for assessing attributes that would typically rely on subjective judgment, susceptible to personal biases and perceptions. These tests encompass various assessments such as personality profiles, reasoning tests, motivational questionnaires, and ability tests. By employing psychometric tests, we can obtain reliable and unbiased measurements, eliminating the influence of individual biases and ensuring a more accurate evaluation of individuals’ attributes.

When assessing a person’s attitude, traditional methods such as seeking others’ opinions, observing the individual, or directly asking them can be biased. However, psychometric tests provide a more objective and impartial judgment. By utilizing psychometric tests, we can obtain a fairer and more unbiased assessment of an individual’s attitude. These tests offer a reliable and standardized approach, free from the subjective biases that can arise from other assessment methods.


What do Psychometric
Tests measure?

Psychometric tests provide a more objective assessment of personnel. They are user-friendly and can be administered to large groups, unlike individual-oriented models. The feedback from these tests is reliable, and results are obtained quickly.

Many of these tests are software-based and can be conveniently taken online. This makes them cost-effective and time-efficient. Psychometric tests excel at identifying the most suitable candidates in the initial stages of the recruitment process, saving time that would otherwise be spent on unsuitable candidates. They offer a comprehensive way to ensure the selection of the right candidate by assessing individual abilities and personality traits.


Benefits of Psychometric Tests    

Psychometric tests enable more objective assessment of personnel. Easy to use and administer and can be given to large groups of people as opposed to other models that are individual oriented.
The feedback from psychometric tests is reliable. The results are quickly obtained.

Many of the tests are software based and can be taken online.  It is cheap and time effective.
Psychometric identify the most suitable candidates in the primary stages of the recruitment process thereby reducing time that would be spend on unsuitable candidates. Provide a comprehensive way of ensuring the right candidate is selected by assessing individual abilities and personality.


What can Target do for you?

Psychometric testing involves assessing candidates and existing employees through psychological tests. It helps evaluate the suitability of new candidates during the hiring process and provides insights into the psychological profiles of current employees. This testing aids in making informed decisions and effectively managing the human resources within an organization.

These tests measure; Intelligence, behavior, language and arithmetic ability and industrial capacity.

Measures employee satisfaction. Help you understand employee trends and make decisions for promotion based on results availed through industrial psychological testing.

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Psychometric Testing

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