Employment Branding


Making your company a desired place to work for

Job branding is creating an awareness about a certain company, as an employer of choice to make a company more attractive and desired place to work for. The main objective of job branding is attracting, recruiting and employing competent employees (top talent).

The importance of employer branding to businesses:  The current corporate sphere is competitive, and to stay on top, you have to get the right talent, and the most competent so to speak. Employer branding does a lot to attract the sought after expertise.


Employer branding helps your business

Employer branding helps potential employees identify with the recruiting company. This is because the process puts the company out there by showing clearly what their business is while giving reasons why the potential employee should work with them.

Rather than leaving the company to do the role definition, the employee is prompted to take initiative because they already know why the company requires them. This also serves to make the recruitment process as easy as the candidates come in with a back ground knowledge and an understanding of the company. 


Attract the right people now

To a potential applicant, employer branding serves to inform them why they wouldn’t fit in the said company and therefore saves them the time and effort of applying for the advertised jobs. Target’s employment branding services: Target gives its clients the platform to attract and finally get to hire the right people for various positions in their structures.

There are professionals in Target that will ensure that employers are branded in the best way possible. The areas of specialization in the process includes: Employer brand management, consulting, research, planning, brand creation, production and digital media management.

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Employment Branding

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