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Irrespective of the size of an organization or whether or not there is a human resource department, outsourcing of human resource services proves to be a cost effective alternative. Outsourcing to Egypt can save you thousands.

Outsourcing ensures that the professionals are engaged and that risk is spread.

Target HR is one of the largest human resource outsourcing company in Egypt with a more than 50% market share. The outsourcing process includes handling of the employment, personnel administration, social security, insurance, policy formation and payroll management.

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Reasons to Outsource your HR to Egypt

Reduces cost, focus on your core business and gain valuable market knowledge.

Outsourcing all aspects of the international mobility to our experts allows Managing Directors, International Mobility and HR Managers to focus on their core business.

Benefits of Outsourcing to Target Egypt:

Cost Reduction for your company that is tailored to fit your needs.

Dedicated Account Executives.

Upkeep with HRM best practices.

A dedicated account executive to handle your account.

A Reliable HR Outsourcing Service Provider in Egypt

Outsourcing your company’s HR tasks to Target HR will include talent management, payroll processing, benefits, and more.
A key aspect to outsourcing all related HR activities for your employees is the payroll calculation, and the withholding of statutory deductions.

  • Emergency fund deductions.
  • Martyr’s fund deductions in Egypt.
  • Payments of the social insurance contributions, salary taxes, including taxes, and medical insurance.


Full-Service HR & Outsourcing Company in Egypt

Employee Registration

The registration of the employees with the local authorities  

Medical Insurance Claims

 employees’ medical insurance claims

Leave Management

The employees’ leave management


Benefits Management
outsourcing payroll

Payroll accuracy & Compliance


  • The distribution of the monthly pay slips to the employees.
  • The net salary payment of the employees, which the provider shall ensure is always received in the employees’ bank accounts, and in accordance with the payment date specified in their employment contracts.
  • The monthly calculation/deduction/payment of the tax and social costs, if any.
  • The tax returns.
  • Calculations and deductions of Emergency Fund and Martyrs’ Fund.
  • Full access to the Egypt Government’s Social Insurance Network which includes medical insurance, social insurance coverage, and all other statutory requirements.

Reasons Why Companies Outsource Their HR Tasks to Egypt?

  • Overcoming the regulatory and cost hurdles when employing resources in a remote location.
  • Every country (and some states) has its own labor law that reflects on the employment scheme, payroll calculations, hiring documents, and work permit requirements for non-resident companies doing business.
  • Meeting each country’s legislation and rules can be a significant barrier to cross-border business expansion.
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More HR Functions That We Can Manage on Behalf of Your Company

  • HR Consulting
  • Payroll Administration
  • Benefits Administration
  • Insurance Services
  • Performance Management
  • Policy Formation
  • Labor Law Compliance
  • Employee Termination
  • Talent Management

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