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Streamlined Payroll Outsourcing Services 

Through Target team of experts, we handle Payroll Outsourcing solutions & calculations on your behalf, with zero errors and full compliance.

Target provides its payroll solutions, including Salary tax calculations, Social Insurance calculations, governmental payment deductions, net salaries & gross salaries. That is 100% compliant with Egyptian Labor Law and taxation laws in Egypt. International Companies outsource payroll to Egypt for cost savings, Target HR will handle all payroll functions on behalf of companies. We are a payroll provider specialized in payroll taxes and compliance.

Our Payroll services include:

Payroll calculations management based on Egypt Laws and Regulations.

Salary Tax calculations advise & compare different types of employment contracts.

Breakdown & grossing up salary calculations.

Payroll reports include net salaries, gross salaries, salary tax, and social insurance contributions.

Adding benefits, allowances, tax deductions, and social security insurance.

Registration and de-registration of Egyptian employees from the social insurance system.

Providing employees with their monthly pay slips.

Providing clients with their annual tax settlement report & quarter tax declaration reports.

Governmental payments needed (Social Insurance, taxes, martyrs fund, emergency fund, etc.

Payroll Outsourcing Services  

The constant changes in the regulating rules in each country make following up on them a hectic task.

Outsourcing payroll calculation responsibilities to Target HR is your gateway to reducing the hassle of each country’ changing laws. These changes will affect the payroll calculation in each cycle.

Let Target save your company time and money while you focus on the core of your business.

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Comprehensive Payroll Outsourcing Services Provided to You

Target HR’s dedicated team offers reliable payroll outsourcing services to handle all your payroll activities. Employee payroll encompasses comprehensive financial records, including salaries, social security contributions, allowances, bonuses, taxes, and deductions. With our expertise, we ensure accurate and timely management of your payroll, allowing you to focus on core business operations.

• Payroll Management.

• Calculating employee monthly salaries based on the client’s needs.

• Adding allowances and bonuses.

• Processing payroll, generating payroll-related reports, and generating pay slips.

• Complying with the taxation laws in Egypt.

We include all processes linked to payroll duties.

What do Payroll Outsourcing Companies do?

In today's business landscape, large corporations are actively seeking efficient and cost-effective methods to streamline their operations. One prominent strategy they employ is outsourcing certain tasks to external sources, allowing them to focus on core business functions while reducing expenses. Payroll outsourcing is a key approach to simplify payroll operations worldwide. When a company outsources payroll, it means they entrust the responsibility of managing payroll administration to an external service provider, rather than handling it internally. While some businesses opt for payroll services specifically for their local employees, the true advantage of outsourcing payroll is its ability to streamline global payroll management. By relying on experienced payroll experts, businesses can simplify and improve the efficiency of their payroll processes on a global scale.
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Full-Service Payroll Outsourcing Company in Egypt

Target HR uses SAP HCM to handle payroll calculations, submit reports, and pay salaries. The target outsourcing team always updates themselves with all regulatory changes that impact salaries. These frequent changes make compliance a difficult and time-consuming process.

Reasons to outsource your company’s payroll to Target
  • Target team of professionals stays current with regulations, possesses local expertise, and maintains valuable connections.
  • Target HR using SAP HCM instantly adopts new rules and regulations, ensuring that all businesses comply.
  • Target’s payroll experts will save you time by handling payroll processing for you. Instead of spending hours on it every pay cycle, they will focus on delivering accurate payroll reports that fully comply with the Egyptian Labor Law and taxation regulations.

More HR Functions That We Can Manage on Behalf of Your Company



The registration of the employees with the local authorities for tax and social purpose. The management of the employees’ medical insurance claims if required


The payroll for each employee will be reviewed and processed in accordance with all applicable laws. The employees’ leave management. The distribution of the monthly pay slips to the employees.

Net Salary Payment

of the employees, which the provider shall ensure is always received in the employees’ bank accounts in accordance with the payment date specified in their employment contracts,


By our Payroll Specialists

  • The monthly calculation/deduction/payment of the tax and social costs.
  • The tax returns.
  • Social Insurance contributions and taxes reports.
  • All other statutory requirements.

 Having Target’s HR team as a specially dedicated team of HR professionals with local knowledge of Egypt’s labor law, rules & regulations is essential for your company. It implies that your company can benefit from the team’s extensive payroll and local knowledge without being exposed to the same stringent processes and multi-level cross-checking that they are.

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Payroll Outsourcing

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