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Talent management systems, (TMS) Talent Management, often referred as Human Capital Management also known as HCM services, is the process of recruiting, managing, assessing, developing and maintaining (engaging) one of the organization’s most important resources—its people.

Finding employees to perform is an easy task, however finding the right employee that will perform the right tasks is key to more growth and less turn over. Target is an HCM services provider in Egypt that delivers tailored solutions to companies across Egypt including multinational firms.


your talent pool

We understand that resources can be little tight in today’s rough economy.

At this point hiring Target Talent Recruitment services can help your company with maximizing your talent pool.


Finding the one

A small investment now can save you time and money in the future. Target will search and help your select the right talent for your company. We undergo a very rigid candidate testing in order to determine that the this is the right employee that will turn in a star. Target will provide a detailed report about the employee work history, work references as well as background check and psychometric testing.

The report will make your company determine if the employee is the right fit for your organization.



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