Salary & Benefits Survey


Salary Surveys

Target Recruitment offers salary and benefits surveys in Egypt and the Middle East.

In case there is need for customized compensation or benefits platforms for specific job groups in given countries, Target Recruitment is well placed to provide the solution. 

Compensation surveys provide information that serves as guidelines for employers when developing or improving their compensation plans.

The information provided includes:

Job classification data that helps establish a framework for job analysis and development of job description.

Pay ranges that reflect the increasing use of formal salary grades.

Minimum salary rates for new companies to determine their ability to recruit.

Comparison of the various compensation plans such as basic pay models, incentive/variable pay model and total compensation model.


Benefit Surveys

Target conducts valuable surveys on employee benefits.

Benefit strategies continue to evolve with the changes that happen in the employment sector. Target survey services capture the emerging trend in the Egyptian employment scene.

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Salary & Benefits Surveys

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