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Streamlined Payroll Services in Egypt

Let us streamline your payroll in Egypt. Target handles payrolls for its clients irrespective of the number of employees.

Everything that includes legislation, computation and taxation is covered here. Target provides 360 payroll solutions for payment of employees that comply with social security and taxation laws.

Our Payroll services include:

Payroll records management in line with Egyptian legislation.

Advise on matters that affect taxation including those affecting taxable and non- taxable entities of an employee’s salaries.

Monthly or weekly payroll calculations from gross to net salaries by making deductions and additions that emanate from pensions, benefits, allowances, benefits, tax deductions and social security insurance.

Registration and de-registration of employees from social insurance authorities’ records.

Provision of payslips to employees either electronically or manually.

Reports and reconciliation to relevant authorities including filing tax returns, insurance policies and relevant reports to authorities like the labor office.

Payment of social insurance and related costs to the local authorities on behalf of clients.

Payroll Outsourcing Services  

Feeling overwhelmed by the changes that occur in the regulatory laws of other countries?

Let us save your company time, money, and effort while you focus on the core of your business.
Outsourcing payroll responsibilities to Target HR is your gateway to reducing the hassle of the ever-changing rules and regulatory laws of each country. Which will affect the payroll calculation in each cycle.

target hr payroll service in egypt

Comprehensive Payroll Outsourcing Services Provided to You

Target HR’s reliable team will manage the following for your company:

Employee payroll which is the total of all financial records for salaries, as well as Social Security contributions. The contributions, allowances, bonuses, taxes, and deductions are all factors to consider

  • Maintaining employee files, for instance, is part of the payroll process.
  • Calculating employee salary and wages.
  • Calculating allowances and adding bonuses
  • Distributing payroll, generating payroll-related reports, and generating pay slips.
  • Complying with the taxation laws of the government.
  • All processes linked to payroll processing and other payroll-related duties are included in payroll outsourcing.

Why do Companies Prefer to Outsource?

Their Payroll Duties to Target HR Although They Have HR Professionals? Big organizations and companies nowadays are looking for time-saving and cost-effective solutions to run their business efficiently and smoothly. They are looking for cost reduction at various levels and shedding the light on outsourcing certain jobs and tasks that will provide them with the opportunity to focus on the core matters of their business and its daily demands. Payroll is one wide area that is frequently outsourced to service providers to reduce the complexities of having to deal with payroll-related operations.

Full-Service Payroll in Egypt

Target HR is fully aware that the regulatory changes that affect payroll happen frequently and affect the whole cycle, which can make staying compliant a challenging and time-consuming process. As a streamlined Payroll company in Egypt we provide unmatched benefits to our clients.

Some benefits of outsourcing your payroll procedures with Target HR include

  • Allow Target’s HR staff to manage this for you, as they are completely focused on the most recent rules and regulations and have extensive local knowledge and connections.
  • SAP HCM Target instantly adopts new rules and regulations, ensuring that enterprises and businesses are compliant. Furthermore, rather than devoting hours each pay cycle to payroll processing, which is a time-consuming administrative activity, specialist HR teams will concentrate on accomplishing strategic and realistic goals, such as enhancing employee engagement to enhance organizational efficiency.
  • You can save money through saving time, which can be reflected as a lower wage bill. For example, companies can save money by outsourcing payroll instead of creating in-house HR staff only to manage a growing payroll as they scale. You could also save money by not having to manage paperwork or maintain cloud security for your payroll software.

More HR Functions That We Can Manage on Behalf of Your Company



The registration of the employees with the local authorities for tax and social purpose. The management of the employees’ medical insurance claims if required


The payroll for each employee will be reviewed and processed in accordance with all applicable laws. The employees’ leave management. The distribution of the monthly pay slips to the employees.

Net Salary Payment

of the employees, which the provider shall ensure is always received in the employees’ bank accounts in accordance with the payment date specified in their employment contracts,


By our Payroll Specialists

  • The monthly calculation/deduction/payment of the tax and social costs.
  • The tax returns.
  • Social Insurance contributions and taxes reports.
  • All other statutory requirements.

 Having Target’s HR team as a specially dedicated team of HR professionals with local knowledge of Egypt’s labor law, rules & regulations is essential for your company. It implies that your company can benefit from the team’s extensive payroll and local knowledge without being exposed to the same stringent processes and multi-level cross-checking that they are.

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