Labour Strikes Resolution

Labour Strikes Resolution

Conflict Resolution

In any relationship, there arises conflict. This is also true for relationships between employers and employees that come mostly in the form strikes and demonstrations. Target is well able to handle conflict resolution and has a 10 years track record. Target is involved in ensuring safety of premises of the employer as negotiations with employees on behalf on the employer are put in place. Target conflict resolution services focuses on reaching resolutions that are of mutual benefit.

Labour Strikes can cause delays and possible havoc for the business. Like almost all countries worldwide, labour strikes can happen in the work place and it can happen in Egypt. The good news is that Target is the only company in Egypt that provide service break labor strikes, where the company has over ten years, especially after the year 2011 broke up more than 85 strikes in Cairo, Alexandria and Suez and various heavy industries, FMCG, plastics, cement, steel…etc

In most situations the following departments are informed of the strike team security adviser and legal adviser ,consultant labor negotiations and the trade unions advisor.
First step is to take security measures to ensure the safety facility (factory) and the of all the employees. The next step is to start a negotiation between the company and workers.

The last step is to start negotiations between the factory workers and members of Target, the end of the work collective bargaining and end the official strike or end the work relationship( using the appropriate legal means)

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