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A multinational company operating in the construction and power engineering is hiring “Financial Manager” for their national mega projects located in Cairo.


Job Responsibilities:

1- Participation in the management of the financial risks of the company, minimizing risks.

2- Organizing and holding negotiations at the level of the heads of the Egyptian state authorities, the banks of Egypt, and large construction companies.

3- Correspondence with Egyptian state authorities, Egyptian banks, and large construction companies.

4- Keeping accurate tracks of all expenses, liabilities, and projected costs.

5- Tracking profitability by creating a budget for each part of a construction project.

Job Requirements:

1. Higher education, preferably economic, financial.
2. Minimum of 15 years of experience in a financial role with a minimum of 10 years of a managerial role.
3. Excellent command of English.
4. Excellent experience in the norms, rules, standards in the construction field of Egypt, Egyptian tax laws, and legislation regulating financial activity in the territory of the Arab Republic Of Egypt.
5. Excellent Experience in the management of the economic, financial services of large construction/industrial companies in Egypt; Egypt’s big banks; Egyptian governmental entities (Ministry of Finance, Tax Service, Ministry of Investment, Ministry of Economy, etc.).
6. Excellent negotiating skills, experience of effective negotiations at the level of the heads of the Egyptian state authorities. The candidate has contacts and acquaintances with the current heads of the Egyptian state authorities, representatives of the Egyptian legislature, the administration of the President of Egypt.
7. It is desirable for a candidate to understand Egypt’s legislation on the regulation of procurement activities of state-owned enterprises and state authorities.
8. It is desirable for a candidate to know methodological and regulatory documents in the field of pricing in construction.

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Financial Manager

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