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For an international French company, a Project Engineer is needed.


Required years of experience:

5 to 7 years , Mechanical engineering , Alexandrea resident.

Role within the organization:

• Reporting directly to Maintenance & investment Manager.

Major contributions and purpose:

• Responsible for Following up on all investment projects inside the factory.

Main responsibilities and activities:

• Following on weekly preplanned schedule by doing work orders and dividing tasks on technicians .
• Arranging with departments time of needed adjustments and following up with technicians that tasks are performed according to the time plan set .
• Following up with contractors on scope of work and pre planned time line and solving any problems that they might face during execution of work.
• Studding drawings of new projects and what is needed in terms of machinery and materials .
• Doing tenders for new projects and following up on their execution .
• Division of daily tasks on technicians and following up on their vacation plan to ensure smooth work conditions .
• Studding offers from suppliers and choosing the best offer in terms of quality and cost .
• Following up on projects time line , preplanned budget to achieve cost saving and highest quality .
• Doing needed  commissioning and start up after projects are done to ensure efficiency of equipment and machinery then handing over the whole project to the related function.
• Handling any modifications or deficiencies in new projects either by contractors or company maintenance team.

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